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Somtimes, it pays to have games downloaded on your mobile device. In cases like going to a doctor’s appointment or having to wait in a long line at the department of motor vehicles, having a little entertainment is very beneficial to help pass the time while you wait. The best way to entertain yourself is to download a game from the Google Play Store. With any game downloaded from this amazing app, you are able to entertain yourself whenever you want, and if you play time gets interrupted, you can revisit your game to begin where you left off. You are able to link with your friends to compete with them, and you can even create game profiles. There are tons of games that you can choose from, some are even free of cost, and you are certain to never get bored. Keep reading for a top 10 list of the most popular Google Play Store games that you can download.

  1. Farm Heroes Saga stemming from the Candy Crush Saga game, this game allows you to switch and match cropsies in an effort to defeat Rancid. The game is free and you will definitely enjoy yourself while playing this fantastic farm adventure game.
  2. Game of War Fire Age – this action-packed war game is not difficult to play, but can be challenging to master. The fact that the addicting game is free of charge makes it even better.
  3. Don’t Tap the White Tile – this simple, yet addicting game only involves avoiding the white tiles that scroll across your phone screen. You are able to save your progress and share with your friends.
  4. Candy Crush Soda – this is another game that stems from the Candy Crush Saga game. It has the same purpose as its ancestor game with the exception of new content and even more awesome combinations that can rack you up with points.
  5. Temple Run – this fun and exciting adventure game may cost you a little to download, but it is well worth it. The adventure will have you running for your life while jumping, sliding, and turning through an amazing maze of adventure.
  6. Farmville – this game allows you to join into the world of farming. You are responsible for managing your own farm which includes raising and feeding the animals and growing crops.
  7. Bubble Witch – this bubble bursting adventure is an exciting way to pass time. You will be in charge of helping Stella and her crazy cats fight against evil spirits by destroying as many bubbles as possible.
  8. Pet Rescue Saga – this game is another stem from the Candy Crush Saga in which you match together two or more blocks to clear levels and rescue pets.
  9. Cookie Jam – this fun game involves you crunching your cookies before they crumble by themselves.
  10. Trivia Crack – this brain game allows you to link with your friends and challenge each other by seeing who can correctly answer trivia questions the most.

Any game that you download from Google Play Store will entertain you, and when you are tired of playing one game, you can download another that will be just as fun and exciting.

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